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Yoga Retreats

Visit for more details! Watch this space for future retreats and workshops in Suffolk, London and Spain!


Just back from Ness's beautiful retreat, her teaching was superb and she created a safe and sacred space for all yogis new or old to find the joy in yoga - not to be missed. Annie Nelson

Wonderful week of yoga and relaxation, met lovely people and didn't want to come home. Ness is a really special teacher, so warm and inclusive, thank you for a mind-opening, truly enriching experience. Kay Tee

Tiger Tiger Healing retreat in Ibiza was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I contacted Vanessa to discuss it as I hadn’t done much yoga and have become a bit socially phobic. She encouraged me, reassured me and explained everything. I took the plunge and booked for two weeks; nervously.
And then, there I was, arriving at the Bauhaus inspired villa on a lush hillside in Ibiza. Vanessa and her son Kisi where very welcoming and showed me around the villa, the yoga deck, the beach; everything was beautiful and everyone was relaxed.
We were an eclectic bunch of yoga students from around the world and of mixed ability but everyone was put at ease and Vanessa catered for all in her classes.
We did yoga, we chatted and then went down to a table filled with beautiful vegan food. I’m not a vegan, or rather I wasn’t, but the food was delicious throughout my two week stay.
We quickly became a small international family, chatting, going to the beach sharing stories, sharing time and smiling.
I felt at ease, relaxed and joyful; in fact I still do.
I’ve been back in London nearly a week and everything is much better,I’m more positive, fitter and healthier; and I will continue with this.

I wholeheartedly recommend Tiger Tiger Healing; if you get the opportunity then go!
I feel so grateful to have found it, it has changed my life.
Thank you Vanessa; thank you Kisi!
Robert Kellard

Thank you so much Ness, for the beautiful days in Ibiza!
It's really a lovely place, with lovely and funny people and powerful and intense yoga classes, of course. I enjoyed it a lot! Hopefully see you again, maybe next year!
Andrea Angolina

I couldn’t recommend a tiger tiger retreat enough to anyone who is feeling like they would like to experience one.

I’ve had some wonderful times with Ness and her son Kisi on the beautiful island of ibiza. 

I’d like to thank them both from the bottom of my heart for bringing everyone on the retreat together and providing a fun and safe environment for us all to be ourselves, heal, grow, learn and evolve. It was so wonderful spending time with all our new friends at the villa. I had the most amazing time and made many happy memories I will remember forever.

One of my favourite times was swimming out of the bay with kisi and Amina to the huge rock just off the coast. The big swim was an incredible adventure I loved singing and laughing the whole way.

Morning meditation, yoga and chanting was incredible. As always practicing with Ness is such a joy, it’s wonderful how Ness can make everyone feel supported, comfortable and confident no matter what their previous experience with yoga and meditation is. In our group there were a very diverse mix. Some people were beginners and some experienced yet we all practiced as one. Each of us managed to get the most out of our practice Ness is such an incredible teacher and is always there for you on and off the mat weather you have questions or would like to chat. Ness is a great host and friend with a deep knowledge of yoga and spirituality.

I loved my time out in Ibiza so much, every moment was blissful.

The villa, accommodation and yoga spaces are beautiful and surrounded by

I loved my accommodation in the meditation hut. There’s beautiful places to walk and explore, sit and read a book on the beach, swim, spend time with others on the retreat or relax and rest alone. It really was a dream and there’s something for everyone.

The disco with DJ Peach was amazing, so fun to dance and enjoy the music with everyone.

The food prepared by Dan was beautiful, his food filled me and my belly with so much love.

Anyone who’s heart is pulling them to book a place on a tiger tiger retreat, listen to it. Truly an experience of a life time.

I had the most incredible time, I’ve made new friends, I feel energised and full of life, my practice has deepened and I’ve grown and gained so much THANK YOU TIGER TIGER HEALING, THANK YOU NESS AND KISI. Zen Blythe

What an amazing experience! It is two weeks ago that I have been in ibiza with that wonderful woman who made us all feel like big-hearted family. I still feel like walking on clouds ... I did yoga for the first time in my life and I loved it and would really recommend Vanessa. Now I am doing yoga everyday and I feel great. Amina Zoey

Absolutely amazing week...beautiful setting, very lovely living space and inspiring Vinyasa flow yoga taught by Vanessa. Vanessa has huge amounts of energy and love and the session is totally non-judgemental. She draws in pranayama and teaches on spiritual basis and the role of the chakras a very holistic experience. Food was brill too (vegan and cooked on the premises). Then in the evening you can walk to one of the worlds most beautiful beaches to watch the sun go down over clean sea and sand.... Dont miss a chance to go along! Clare Stephenson

Ness is an amazing teacher and I’m lucky enough to have stumbled across her yoga retreat in Ibiza this year at Ibiza Yoga on Benirras Beach. Her classes are inclusive, well structured and suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners. Her teaching style is nurturing and her kind and caring nature makes you feel comfortable, welcome and at ease. She shares her immense knowledge of the yoga world and shamanic healing in such a humble and practical way. Her encouragement and positivity towards her students in class inspires you to delve deeper into postures in a safe space. I’d highly recommend her yoga retreats which are unique, fun and friendly! Thank you for such a beautiful time away! Emma Knight

A retreat with Ness is hands down the best gift I have ever given myself. Her wonderful teaching style, open heart and all round brilliantness created the perfect vibe. The secluded location (with the beach at the end of the road) was perfect for switching off and reconnecting with myself. To top it all off the food and company was amazing too. Highly recommended and would definitely go again. Esme Godden

My first yoga retreat and my first time in Ibiza - couldn’t have asked for a better experience. As a 17 year old I enjoyed learning about different aspects of yoga and engaging in thoroughly interesting, thought provoking conversations with a real mixture of people from around the world. Doing yoga every morning and then revising for my A Levels was a great balance and really helped clear my mind before tackling my work. Vanessa is one of the most inspiring people I have met and I had the best experience that I will never forget. The vinyl 90s music disco was one of my highlights, we danced until the sun went down. I initiated a game called ‘school of fish’ where we all copied each other’s dance moves - truly magical. Thank you Ness for the most amazing time !! “We are family!!”. Kizzy Clark-Jones

Beautiful place with its very own beach 2 minutes walk away. Knowledgable and very experienced and open hearted amazing yoga teacher: Ness. So much more than just a yoga retreat. Didi Cann

Ness is amazing. understanding of things, intuitive, with a sense of humour. Lessons for every level in a beautiful place in the hills, near the beach. Wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Recommended! Mira Middeldorf

I have talked for years about treating myself to a week-long yoga retreat but have lacked the confidence to try one. When Ness told me about her retreat in Ibiza I knew that she would create an inclusive atmosphere and I signed up. I have now completed two retreats with Ness and as a result have had two of the most personally enriching experiences I have ever had. Ness is assisted by her son Kisi and through their joint gifts of hospitality they effortlessly lead the group to a place of trust and total relaxation. The retreats are blissful, you will smile and laugh, eat delicious homemade vegan food, do three hours of yoga a day and see yourself improve, share a stunning space with a wonderful group of people and return home with a profound sense of peace. It is as though time stands still. Every detail is attended to and Ness ensures that each person has a chance to develop their personal yoga practice and if they so choose, to accept her invitation to journey inwards on their own shamanic journey. She is a teacher of great skill who exudes joy and loving kindness. Thank you. R.C.

I would highly recommend Vanessa Lee yoga retreats. I have just returned from her yoga retreat in Ibiza and it was one of the most special weeks I have ever had. Ness brought together a wonderful group of people to an idyllic setting and created the most perfect week of yoga, shamanic journeying, friendship, laughter and fun. She made it look effortless. Words are not enough to describe how fantastic it was. It was just perfect in every sense. Thank you Ness. You are amazing.  S.G.

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