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Yoga Endorsements

Ness is an amazing teacher, her classes are inclusive, well structured and suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners. Her teaching style is nurturing and her kind and caring nature makes you feel comfortable, welcome and at ease. She shares her immense knowledge of the yoga world and shamanic healing in such a humble and practical way. Her encouragement and positivity towards her students in class inspires you to delve deeper into postures in a safe space. I’d highly recommend her yoga retreats which are unique, fun and friendly! Thank you for such a beautiful time away!


Knowledgable and very experienced and open hearted amazing yoga teacher: Ness. So much more than just a yoga retreat.


Ness is amazing. understanding of things, intuitive, with a sense of humour. Lessons for every level, wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Recommended!


I couldn't believe how what looked like simple and effortless poses could quickly get your heart rate up and dripping  in sweat at the same leaving you feeling relaxed and uplifted at the end of class 

Thank you Ness that was a great class really enjoyed it 



I had never tried yoga before and now after one class with Ness I want to practise every day.


I have a serious back injury and do no exercise because of this. I tried one yoga class with Ness, and I came back the next week, and my flexibility was much improved. If I can do it, anyone can.


I've had many yoga teachers but nothing has improved my practise and understanding as a lesson by Ness. I wish she had taught me before!


Vanessa understands how the body works and easily explains Yoga Philosophy. What a treat! I had never heard the chakra system before!


It was a privilege to have a one to one yoga lesson with Ness.


I had tried yoga years ago and hadn't really enjoyed it, but wanted to try it again and since being taught by Ness I feel very differently! After each class I feel like I've exercised but also feel incredibly uplifted, positive and calm at the same time. The class environment that she creates is lovely, and if you feel a little self-conscious as I did then it really helps, plus the music that she chooses just enhances the whole experience!


Had the absolute privilege to attend ness's yoga and shamanic journey day at her home with my extended Yoga family. Ness's home is a wonderful oasis, full of character and characters!! The Yoga and drumming was out of this world. Infinite blessings to you Ness, for being Ness.

Was just a fabulous day from beginning to end! A massive thank you to you and Kisi for such warm, loving and effortless hospitality. So beautiful where you are and no wonder we couldn’t get away! Great lunch! We all loved our journeys and would make sure we come again and highly recommend it. 


Reiki endorsements


Thank you so much for yesterday, I seriously feel my energy has shifted dramatically, quite incredible. I can't believe the effect. I think what you are doing is more than Reiki! Mrs amazing Reiki, magician extraordinaire! The best Reiki I have ever had, I experienced shooting white light ascend my spine and saw Kundalini symbols. Ness is able to create burning healing white heat with her hands.


My god I am having seriously intense amazing stuff happen!!! Symbols , channeling ...but different to my old channeling it's a lot more powerful in energy and also life direction clarity! Breathing through it at times as its intense but very high powerful energy shift. It's surprised me!! Wow!

You really do have some serious shamanic amazingness going on. I repeat It's a lot more than reiki!


A really amazing session, I fell easily into relaxation and different states of sleep. I felt a very positive release of a lot of tension I had been carrying.


Ness is brilliant. Very interesting altered state experiences. Electric shock healing on my lower back was profound. It revitalised me. Amazing grounding experience, I felt so safe. I needed to sleep initially and was able to easily. Can’t wait for the next one.


Dream like wonder. Thank you.


The most powerful Reiki I have ever had. I felt a tingling well-spring of warm energy that lasted hours after my treatment.


Deep white heat unlocked the tension in my body, rushes of energy from feet to head, heart opening.


When you held my head I felt my body soar up high into the sky. I felt grounded and free at the same time, seeing clearly my home in nature and the joy of waking up in nature every day.


This was like nothing I have ever experienced. I have nothing to compare it to. I felt pure and connected and unaware of separation. I lost sense of time and saw colours I had never seen before. I feel centered and full. Lighter and yet more substantial.


This was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was a physical spiritual experience. I’ve gone through a door I didn’t know was there. I am the key! I feel absolved of anger and guilt. I felt hot lava in my knees. My shoulder, finger and knee pain has gone. I experienced astral projection visiting foreign cities, saw geometric symbols and DNA, and plant structures as if under a microscope, grow to their peak and reduce back to their essence. I experienced energy as bubbles.


Amazing profound healing, I felt many shifts of energy, warmth, opening, deep relaxation, safety and groundedness.


Feels like a massage without having a massage. Relaxing and tingly all the time. You can do that again.


After suffering for 9 years with cluster headaches, taking Tramodol and oxygen daily, I am now pain free. I had never had Reiki before and my life is now greatly improved. I can’t thank you enough.


I had not played football for years due to the pain in my knees. After a Reiki session I slept for over twelve hours and have no more pain. I now play football again and have had to reconsider my preconceptions about spiritual healing techniques as I was a sceptic!


The pain in my left elbow stopped half way through the treatment. I was very relaxed and felt as if I had had a deep sleep.


I feel able to breathe more deeply and my eyes are bright and tingly.


I feel filled up with sunshine.


I felt as if my body fell through the massage bed and it was so calm and blissful. I am diabetic and had just had a seizure. Reiki helped so much.


This Reiki comes from the intention of love and healing, Ness works with magic, the one mother earth and it’s peoples needs.



I feel a lot lighter, my stress seems to have flown off, my back is not tense, my throat is open. You’re an angel. I felt extremely comfortable, I began to cry releasing what I had been holding onto for a long time. That felt great! I saw gold and Ness helped explain my visions. I feel fortunate to have been here and so grateful.


After one treatment I now have no pain in my elbow and find Reiki provides me with infinite comfort as does Vanessa. After my second treatment  I now have no pain in my hip.


I want to begin by sharing my gratitude for your kindness and incredible effort in providing such heartfelt meaningful healing and notes. I cannot begin to express the positive impact our experience has had, each day I remember elements of the learning and healing experienced and am working on incorporating the notes into my everyday being. Thank you, thank you for sharing and for caring.

I’ve just started sleeping and napping again. First time in months!

Something spiritual has been missing for me I believe.

Could we do a similar session?

I am beyond grateful for yesterday’s happenings…

I enjoyed and appreciated everything you did and all the effort you made. I felt like I’d walked into a room and it was my birthday of a lifetime… You really are a lovely person. I loved the yoga, talking, laughing, engaging, listening, encountering, receiving your healing and your engagement with spirits and time warps……..

I had a wonderful experience at my first session with Tiger Tiger Healing, which included yoga, reiki, shamanic healing, revelations, hope and euphoria. Ness followed it up by sending me a detailed healing plan with so many interesting ways to work on myself. I’m so looking forward to our next session.

Thank you so much for your time and help and wisdom. I feel totally on top of it all now, and very jolly.


The energy was peaceful and tranquil and the healing was very powerful. I enjoyed the whole experience and the food was a very welcome bonus which topped off my afternoon. I would highly recommend Ness and her healing therapies. The atmosphere is one of calm and enlightenment, a must for those seeking to ground themselves and find their path in life. Thank you again

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