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"Gratitude... recognises truth, transmits love and enhances energy.

Seeing... tells the truth, generates love and liberates energy.

Blessing... acknowledges the truth, radiates love and releases phenomenal energy.”


Sandra Ingerman.

Shamanic Art Below!

Vanessa conducts shamanic healings including soul and spirit animal retrieval, past life and ancestral work and extraction. She is guided completely by spirit and has had great success introducing students to shamanic journeying, as individuals and in large groups. Vanessa journeys to the spirit world while listening to drumming and draws what she has seen. You can do this too! Vanessa began to journey involuntarily in 2013 and only began to fully understand what was happening to her when she started to study Shamanism. She now wants to help others have an easier introduction to the spirit world. Which is a truly wonderful place! No experience necessary.
One to one sessions and workshops can be booked at any time.

Vanessa studied with an exceptional Shaman, Healer and Painter, Imelda Almquist in London.

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